DEFINITION:An Act to provide for the regulation of private security agencies and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. It extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

In order to meet the increasing demand of security services in industrial, municipal, residential areas and corporate sector, in recent period lot of private security agencies have been emerged (recognized and unrecognized). The agencies have been organized by Ex-serviceman (be it from Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Para Military, other govt security forces etc.) and Civil people management. In order to cap the various compliances of the security agency in a single format, the “PRIVATE SECURITY AGENCIES (REGULATION) ACT, 2005” enacted by the govt.


LICENCE: Every organization who is running security agency business must obtain the licence by the appropriate government. No person shall carry on or commence the private security agency, unless he holds a licence issued under this Act:

Private Security: Security provided by a person, other than a public servant, to protect or guard any person/ property or both (including the armored car serv.)

Private Security Agency:

A person or body of persons other than a government agency, department or organization engaged in the business of providing private security services including training to private security guards or their supervisor or providing private security guards to any industrial or business undertaking or a company or any other person or property.


Armoured Car Service:- Providing secured transportation, protection and safeguarding of valuable cargo, including the provision of cash services for automated teller machines ATMs), by means of specially designed and constructed bullet-resistant armored vehicles and armored car guards. The service provided by deployment of armed guards along with armoured car and such other related services.

Private Security Guard:-A person providing private security with or without arms to another person or property or both and includes a supervisor.

Licence to be exhibited: Every private security agency shall exhibit its license or copy thereof in a conspicuous place of its business.

SUEZ APPLICABILITY / PREVIEW ON THE ACT:- Our company engaged security personnel almost at every site and offices. We must assure about the Licence, Wages Structure, Contract Labour Act, etc. obligations and other Labour Laws about the security agency.

In HO we have placed contract for security and other support staff for which we have obtained RC as a “PRINCIPAL EMPLOYER”. The contractor is also registered under the Act.

While placing WO at site we have to take care the same in r/o the Security Agency.

The security personnel deployed at site/Offices comes under Contract & Labour Act, as well. So the related compliances should also be followed by the Security Agency