What is Payroll Management?

All employers must maintain records of the number of workers they employ, the amount they pay them, deduct taxes on their salaries, pay those taxes to government, keep track of the number of leaves they take in a month, among much else. This is a time-consuming task that requires assistance, particularly when your business is too small to make it viable to do it in-house. Given how crucial it is to maintain these records, payroll is essential from the moment you hire your first employee. Not only is it required from a legal and compliance standpoint, but also from an accounting perspective, as payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income of most companies.

Let our experts manage your end-to-end payroll

Reporting for Decision Making

Get the right insight and make key decisions with our comprehensive reports on salaries, headcount changes,time and attendance, leaves, loans, etc.


Accurate Salary Calculation

We do all the number crunching and ensure error free salary calculations,expense reimbursements, benefits and retirement payouts etc and take the worry out of your payroll management.


We’ll keep your business compliant with payroll laws

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Peace Of Mind 

Our team of legal experts ensure that you remain upto date with all changes in labor laws. They can also provide specific compliance audit & advisory services and liaise with the various departments.


Accurate Deductions & Filings

We’ll manage the end to end payroll compliance covering calculation, deduction and filing of returns for PF, PT, ESI, LAW and TDS including year end investment proof verification


Salary Calculation & Pay Slip Generation in Few Clicks

Now you can calculate salaries and generate pay slips & bank statements in minutes with click of just few buttons. No more struggling with multiple spreadsheets.


Automatic Tax Deduction & Reports Generation

Auto calculates and deducts all applicable taxes and generates PF, PT, ESI, TDS, Form 16, and other compliance reports for easy payment and filing



Workflow based Leave & Expense Management 

Employees can apply for leaves & expense claims online and their managers can approve them with just click of a button. No need to track leaves and expense claims in emails and spreadsheets.



Auto Capture of Attendance 

Leave details are automatically captured, so you don't need to maintain attendance registers and your biometric devices or our attendance App can be auto synced for attendance inputs in real time.



Online Document Management

All documents of employees can be stored online and accessed from anywhere, anytime. No more risk of losing documents or wastage of time in searching them in physical files.



Employee Self-service App

Employees can view pay slips, apply for leaves & expense claims, plan income tax declarations and upload proofs, and view their complete professional details right from their mobile.